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APPROACH: With Infiniti Labs, it is not just another sample to run; it is a patient’s life entrusted to our care.

EXPERIENCE: With over 50 years of combined clinical laboratory experience, Infiniti Labs is ready to meet and exceed any challenge while upholding the highest quality in the field today.


Infiniti Labs
Utilizing state-of-the-art LC-MS/MS instruments to help our customers monitor each patient for their specific needs. We offer testing across a broad range of prescription and illicit drugs of abuse in urine and oral fluid.
Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA)
The EIA presumptive screen is the front line in the diagnostic process to give a rapid presumptive result. This result can be sent for a reflexive confirmatory test via LC-MS/MS for higher specificity. By utilizing the screen with reflex methodology we are able to quickly release initial EIA results to the provider, and then able to confirm with absolute certainty by LC-MS/MS in a 48-hour turnaround window.
Addressing the recent Coronavirus global pandemic, we are offering SARS-CoV-2 testing via RT-PCR. Our assay allows for fast results and quicker turnaround time from nasopharyngeal swabs by eliminating traditional RNA extraction steps. This enables faster turnaround times which helps to improve patient management and prevent further transmission of the virus.
Infiniti Labs
Pharmacogenetics (PGx)
PGx testing equips providers with an additional tool for patient management. Molecular testing is performed on specific genes and their variants responsible for individual drug metabolism. This data may then be used to help determine how a patient will most likely respond to a particular medication, which in turn can assist providers in helping make medication options tailored to the patient’s needs.