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Yop Poll Archive

A random urine drug screen is positive for THC (marijuana). The confirmatory results are read as negative for THC. The cutoff level is 50. Would you:
The patient is a new patient with end stage renal disease on dialysis. He is anuric. He has been prescribed Methadone 10 mg QID by his referring physician who no long wants to prescribe. Would you:
A patient is prescribed Percocet 7.5/325 TID PRN #90/month. He requests his prescriptions every thirty days. A urine drug screen and confirmatory testing shows no opiate present. You suspect diversion and the patient returns for a random pill count which is accurate. The patient states he does not take the medication daily due to work. Would you:
The patient is on Oxycontin 40 mg BID and Percocet 10/325 mg BID PRN. You have decided not to renew his prescription based on the urine screen. Would you:
As a practice, you are concerned about the implications of other patients testing positive for THC. Would you: